The Fairy and the Goblin

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fairy who lived in the my garden under the bottle brush. She was ten inches tall with the most magnificent glittering, transparent wings that sprouted from her shoulders and touched the ground. Her hair was like spun gold that fell down her back in beautiful curls. Her name was Dahlia.
She was no ordinary fairy, though. She was the only daughter of the Fairy King and Queen, and therefore was a princess who would one day be a queen. With this role came great powers of flight, healing and the ability to grant wishes. There was only one catch. These powers could not be used for self-satisfaction as it was her duty to deny her self of any indulgences, for the fairies were to be the most selfless of all creatures.
Dahlia was always a dutiful fairy who submissively abided by the laws of the fairy kind while longing to fall in love. She was to be betrothed, but she could not bring herself to love Lord Alexander, her future king, though her mother and father adored him. The king and queen were quite proud of their daughter and what she had bloomed to be. They never dreamed that this would one day change…..Nevertheless, one day it did. She met Spike.
Spike was the insurgent youngest son of the family of blue goblins who lived in the dirt under my house. He had recently been banished to live in the drainpipe on the corner of the house, near the Fairies’ lair because he refused to succumb to the awful ways of the goblins.
For most of his child hood, Spike had secretly watched the fairies, in particular, Dahlia, observing the beautiful way in which she fluttered about, carrying out her fairy duties. He’d fallen in love with Dahlia, and wished with all his heart that he could somehow become a fairy like her so that she could get to know him and fall in love with him.
Spike sat on the edge of a drain one day, with his chin resting on his knees and his face in his hands. He sighed (a little too) loudly. “Oh, to be a fairy.” He whispered to himself. “So you could love me, Dahlia. I would shed this ugly goblin skin and leave my awful heritage behind, forever.” A single tear dripped down his cheek and fell on to a clover below.
Dahlia heard him as she was fluttering past the drainpipe. She perched beside him, on the edge of the drain and put her hand on his shoulder. “There, there, poor creature,” she whispered, softly. Her voice was angelic, like the sweetest music ever heard, “You must not cry.”
Spike looked up and thought he was dreaming. Here he was sobbing his heart out and this beautiful creature who he had admired all his life from afar was sitting beside him, comforting him. He pinched himself, dreading to find out that this could be a dream. “Yes, I am real,” Dahlia said. ”I want to help you. Give me your hand.”
Cautiously, Spike held out his hand and she took it. She closed her eyes and concentrated. “You will no longer be a goblin!” she chanted. Slowly the goblin was transforming. Secretly, Dahlia blessed Spike with two abilities of his own. The ability to see into the hearts of other creatures and the ability to let others see what he could see.
She opened her eyes to view her work. Spike had became the most handsome fairy that Dahlia could create, also with sparking wings and golden hair. He was paler than most fairies because of the drastic change of skin colour. This was beyond Dahlia’s abilities. “From this moment forward, you will be a fairy and leave this horrible place to live among us in the garden.”
Spike followed Dahlia back to her home and over the next few days she began to teach him the ways and beliefs of the fairy kind and introduced him to the other fairies as a prince from a neighbouring garden. They all grew to like Spike and he was very surprised at how quickly he fit in.
Dahlia was impressed by his progress and found herself falling for him against her wishes. He was forbidden to her because of her un-happy intent to marry. She refused to touch Spike as she could see what he saw. She saw herself through the eyes of a creature who was in love.
When Dahlia introduced Spike to her future husband, Lord Alexander was the first to take a disliking to him, for he saw in Spike everything he was not. Lord Alexander was a fairy with a goblin’s spirit, cold-hearted, dark and gloomy with a short temper and evil intentions. He had won over the fairy king and queen and fooled them into believing he was the right suitor for their daughter, while planning to take over their kingdom. When Spike shook Lord Alexander’s hand, he was the first to see him for what he was, an evil spirit, who did not deserve Dahlia’s hand in marriage.
Lord Alexander watched Spike and waited until that night when he was alone. “Spike, Spike, Spike,” the words dripped off his tongue, like poison. “You are hiding something from me, are you not?”
Spike was startled. “What do you mean?” he asked, confused and worried. Lord Alexander pointed to Spike’s heart. He was propelled backwards with the force of Lord Alexander’s abilities.
“You have feelings for my bride-to-be, hence you wish to take over the thrown?” Lord Alexander continued. “Don’t try to deny it. I can see it in the way you look at her.”
Spike struggle to stand up. He then tried to speak but Lord Alexander cut him off. “Don’t try to explain it. I’m not here to listen.”
“Then why are you here?” Spike finally could speak. There was fear in his voice.
Lord Alexander saw the fear in Spike’s eyes and was quite pleased with himself. “I want you to stay away from her,” he said with a threatening tone in his voice, “ Or else! Dahlia and this Kingdom are MINE!” Without giving Spike a chance to say anything more, he turned and disappeared into the darkness.
Spike shivered in his bed all night with fear. He could not sleep at all. Very tired and frustrated he rose from his bed and found a feathered quill and paper. He began to write a letter explaining that although he loved her and would always be grateful for all she had done for him, he could no longer stay in her kingdom for reasons he would not explain.
Spike flew into the window of her lair to deliver the letter. He left it on the end of her bed and quietly left, but Dahlia could feel a presence in her room and instantly woke. She opened her eyes to see Spike flying back out her window and jumped out of bed and ran to the window, calling him. “Spike, Spike! Come back!” Spike heard her and though it pained him, he did not turn around.
Dahlia then saw the letter on the end of her bed. Tears filled her eyes as she began to read it. Then without a second thought she flew out the window and into the night to find him. She didn’t have to look far, as she knew where she would find him. She was right. There he was sitting on the edge of that same drain, almost exactly how she first found him with his chin resting on his knees and his head in his hands, sobbing violently.
She sat beside him and touched his shoulder. All of a sudden she could see all of it, his love for her, the confrontation with Lord Alexander and her husband-to-be’s true colours. “Is Lord Alexander the reason you wanted to leave?” Dahlia asked through her own sobs.
“Yes,” said Spike.
“I’m not going to let you,” she continued. “I love you too much to let you disappear from my life.”
“You really do?” Spike couldn’t believe his ears. Could this be a dream, he thought. “What about Lord Alexander? Dahlia took his hand into hers and kissed it, softly.
“I never wanted him. I wanted you, but I was trapped in this marriage agreement with Lord Alexander. When I touched you I saw him for what he really is through you, and I am determined not to marry him.”
Spike looked at Dahlia in surprised amazement as she continued, “Yes, I gave you abilities, two very important gifts. I gave you the ability to see into the hearts of others and also the ability to allow others to see what you see. Right now I saw Lord Alexander for what he really is and you don’t want to know my thoughts of him, and I saw me, the way you do.”
There was an uncomfortable silence which followed Dahlia’s little speech. She looked at the cluster of clover below and studied their unusual but beautiful shape. A strand of hair fell from behind her ear, covering her face and blocking it from Spikes view. He reached out and tucked it back behind her ear and then stoked her cheek. She looked at him. “I love you,” Spike wanted to say. He didn’t have to say the words for Dahlia already knew. She could feel it in his heart. She closed her eyes as he leaned over to kiss her.
It was then, that she knew what she must do. She jumped up dragging Spike off his perch and levitated in the air, her wings flapping and sparkling under the moonlight. “Come on!” she cried. “We must go to my mother and father and show them what you know.” They flew off back to the king and queen’s lair.
Back at the lair, Dahlia proceeded to tell the king and queen about what she had found out about Lord Alexander and they took Spike’s hand and were shocked to see for themselves, the danger that they would all be in if they allowed this marriage to go ahead. They also saw Spike for what he used to be and questioned it. Spike, in his heart assured them that he meant no harm. They then saw their daughter as Spike saw her.
Finally the king spoke. “I should punish you, Dahlia, for you disobeyed the law of this kingdom and us, and allowed a goblin into our home,” Dahlia tried to speak, but her father silenced her. “However, I can see that Spike appears to have one of the truest hearts, one worthy of my daughter’s love. Hence I forbid you to marry Lord Alexander and marry this fine young prince, instead.” Dahlia happily threw her arms around her father, while her mother wiped away a tear of pride.
“Welcome to our kingdom and our family,” the queen said.
Lord Alexander was immediately summonsed, turned into a goblin and then banished to live with the rest of the goblins under my house. Spike and Dahlia were married the next morning. She looked beautiful, with her flowing veil and a tiara of clover in her hair. There had never been a happier pair of fairies in all the land then the future fairy king and queen.

The Troubled Fairy Child

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