The Mean Old Snowman

There once was a snowman. His name was Bob and he was the meanest snowman that ever existed. He would drop his tree branch arm and wait for a child to feel sorry for him and put it back on. When they did he would yell, “BOO!” and the child would jump with such a fright and run away so fast he or she would trip over in the snow. Then he would laugh at them
One day he played this trick on an unsuspecting little girl, who was wandering home from school one afternoon. The little girl, Cora stopped to pick up the snowman’s arm. As she did she heard a loud “BOO!” Cora screamed loudly and dropped the arm back on the ground. Bob snorted with laughter at the child’s frightened face, which made Cora very angry.
“Stop laughing, at once!” the little girl demanded, standing with her hands on her hips, but the snowman couldn’t stop. It was too funny. “I said, stop laughing!” Cora repeated. Still, Bob kept laughing. Pointing her finger at the snowman, Cora said, “You’re a very mean snowman and you should be a shamed.” The snowman laughed harder. “You’ll be sorry when spring comes. You’ll start melting and soon there will be nothing left of you.”
The snow man stopped laughing and was suddenly frightened. “Ridiculous!” Bob said, trying to cover up his fear.
You’ll see,” Cora said and walked away. The snowman began to laugh again.
A week later it was beginning to warm up, as Spring was getting closer. Bob the snowman was beginning to feel a little funny, perhaps, lighter and definitely weaker. Maybe the little girl was right, he thought, I’m going to melt! When Cora passed him with some of her friends, she saw the snowman and pointed at him, and laughed. The other children laughed too.
Bob began to feel sad. “You were right!” He shouted to Cora. “I’m melting!” Cora stopped walking and looked at the snowman. She felt sad for the snowman. “I’m sorry I was mean,” the snowman said.
“That’s okay,” the little girl said. She smiled at Bob, waved and then was gone.
The next day Cora was on her way to school with her friends and stopped to say hello to Bob, but she could not see him. All that was left was a small mound of frost. Bob was gone. Cora looked at the mound and began to cry. “Goodbye Mr Snowman,” she said and continued off to school.

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