The Troubled Fairy Child

Please be sure to read The Fairy and the Goblin before proceeding.

One morning, in a garden in my front yard, a fairy queen watched outside the window of her lair and smiled at the view. The sky was the bluest she’s ever seen and for miles all she could see was the green hills and a horizon lined with beautiful palm trees. She could see her children, three, playing below her window, their giggles like music in the early morning. “Good morning, Dahlia!” she heard a cheerful voice say from behind her. She turned to the bed to see that the once, sleeping fairy king had woke and was sitting up in the bed, yawning.
“Good morning to you, too,” she replied. He moved beside her, taking her hand and together they watched their triplets as they fluttered about, playing tag.
The oldest of the triplets was Marc, the only boy. The oldest by 3 minutes, he was the heir to the thrown and quite an intelligent child. Like his mother, sisters and most of the fairy kind, he had a mass of golden curls which shone in the early morning sun. His sisters, Tahnia and Krysta were both more like their father in looks, with skin, paler than the majority of fairy kind. Tahnia was the oldest of the two girls, by 1 minute. She was beautiful, witty and had the most amazing imagination, a true princess she was in the sense of the word. Krysta, who was unsure of her place in her family, often found herself being mildly Jealous of her sister.
As the youngest, Krysta felt like she was the last resort in her parents eyes. She loved her brother and sister dearly, as they did her, but when your oldest sister is Father’s little princess and your brother is next in line to be king, really, Krysta often thought, what’s left for me? Krysta tried to make up for her ‘invisibleness’ by being mischievous and was often caught out, playing tricks on her brother and sister and the other fairies.
The three children, had inherited abilities from their mother and father. They all had the ability to fly. Marc’s ability was healing, Tahnia’s was to see people for who they really were and allow others to see what she saw, and Krysta could grant wishes. Unlike her brother and sister, who abided by the fairies’ law, Krysta used her abilities for self-gain and these actions often saw consequences return three-fold. This time would be no different.
Krysta felt very left out, for her brother and sister were pretending that they were the Fairy king and queen and that Krysta was the evil fairy named Lord Alexander, who was turned into a goblin and banished from the Fairy kingdom. They “banished” her from the kingdom. The older siblings sent her to the edge of the kingdom, so Krysta decided, that she really would leave, just to spite them.
The mischievous fairy made her way under the house through the dirt and mud, until she found herself in Goblin territory. All around her were ugly blue creatures with black hair and red eyes, trying with all their might to latch onto her. Frightened and disgusted, Krysta turned around and ran, as fast as her little lags could take her, her tiny transparent wings fluttering madly. When she was away from the goblins, she stopped, and realized that she was lost. It was dark and cold and all Krysta wanted was to be home again, with her family. Krysta buried her head in her hands and started to sob. “I wish I hadn’t run away. I know that Marc and Tahnia were sometimes mean, but at least I could trust them.”
“Don’t cry precious,” She heard a voice say. “They probably don’t miss you. They probably don’t even realize you are not there.” Krysta looked up. A young goblin child was sitting beside her, but he appeared different to the other goblins, with dark brown hair and black eyes. He was a lighter shade of blue, then the others, too. Krysta was at first frighten, but the goblin seemed friendly and willing to listen to her. So Krysta told the goblin about herself and her brothers and sisters and why she what brought her to their land in the first place.
The goblin then introduced himself as Alex and told her a little about himself, how he was an orphan and couldn’t remember his parents. “You are very lucky,” he said to have a family. If you really want to go back to them, I will show you the way, but there is a price. You must make me a fairy, like you.”
Krysta thought about this for a few seconds. “Okay,” she finally said, “I’ll do it.” So with the help of Krysta, Alex transformed into a fairy-boy, with golden curls and green eyes. She also gave him the power of flight and the ability to become invisible and to morph into any of the other fairies. She thought it would be fun to have someone to help her play tricks on the other fairies. In return, Alex escorted her back to the fairy kingdom, where the two naughty fairies played many tricks on Tahnia and Marc, but Krysta, always made sure that she kept her father from seeing Alex, for she knew that the fairy king would find out that he was really a goblin. Alex didn’t want the king to find out who he really was….
However, the other fairies found it strange that suddenly there was another fairy child, Marc and Tahnia took Alex aside and through fake tears he told them about his life as an orphan, but left out the detail about him being a goblin. Tahnia put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. As she did so, flashes of an evil fairy clouded her vision, and she saw her father as a young fairy being threatened by this horrible creature. She then saw the fairy turned into a goblin and banished by her grandfather, the previous fairy king. Tahnia took her hand back as if it stung her. “You’re Lord Alexander aren’t you, the fairy who hurt my father?”
As he felt his cover was blown, Alex morphed into his true fairy form, Lord Alexander. “Yes,” he said with a hounting laugh, “ and you can thank your sister for turning me into the pathetic little fairy child. She has helped me to regain my powers so I can take back Dahlia and the thrown that is rightfully mine!” At that moment Krysta found them and was surprised at the site before her. Marc turned to her with a look that Krysta could tell was disappointment. “I didn’t know,” she whimpered in a small voice. Without an explanation Marc took his two sisters by the hand and they ran as fast as the could go, their wings lifting them into the air as the began to fly to their parents’ lair. Krysta sobbed all the way, for she knew the trouble she had caused would make her parents want to punish her. Lord Alexander followed a small distance behind.
“Father!” Marc cried. “We have something to tell you!” Before he could say another word, Lord Alexander appeared.
“Yes,” said the bad fairy, “I have returned, Goblin-Boy, to take back what’s mine!”
“Over my dead body!” Spike replied. Dahlia hugged her three children to her chest as the two fairies prepared for battle.
The king tried with all his might to fight Lord Alexander but the bad fairy was stronger than he and the force of his powers sent Spike flying back until he hit the wall and fel to the grown. “Father!” Krysta cried. She ran to him and taking him by the hand, she helped him to his feet.
“Go back to your mother!” Spike cried. “I don’t want you to get hurt!” But Krysta felt that since she was responsible for the battle and wanted to help her father. She thought for a moment. Suddenly she had an idea!
“Wait!” She cried. “Father, make a wish!”
Spike was confused. “What should I wish for?” he asked as Lord Alexander prepared to launch another gust of energy towards the king.
“Anything to make him go away!” Krysta replied.
So the Fairy king wished that Lord Alexander would become a goblin again and be stripped of his power’s once more. “You are NEVER to return again.” Once again, Lord Alexander was banished. Spike turned to his youngest daughter. “Thank you for helping me fight Lord Alexander,” A tear rolled down Krysta’s cheek as she apologized to her father for the mess she’d made. “But for a while I will take your abilities away until you can learn to used them properly. This could have been worse, today. No more tricks on the other fairies and never leave the kingdom!” He then turned to Marc and Tahnia, who were still cowering in their mother’s arms. “and no more “Banishing” your sister. I will be the one to do the banishing around here.”
Yes, Father,” The children answered at the same time.
“Do you want to be the queen this time, Krysta?” Tahnia asked as the children left, to play.
“Okay!” said Krysta. As Spike and Dahlia overheard the conversation, they smiled proudly. Krysta, could be a good fairy child, but it would take a lot of help from the other fairies, and it would take time, lots of time.

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