Why Luke and Lorelai’s Wedding Was Perfect


Gilmore Girls wedding was perfect for lead characters, Luke and Lorelai; leaves fans relieved but divided.

After nine years off the air, fans witnessed the wedding for the Gilmore Girls’ key couple. While they were relieved to see a resolution to the will-thy-or-won’t-they drama that plagued the seven seasons, but left hanging in the finale, many who expected the grand affair they missed out on in the original series, felt cheated, however knowing the couple at the heart of the feel-good drama, the ending of the reboot was poetic with the perfect wedding – for them.

“…she flitted from relationship to relationship, heartbreak to heartbreak…”

He was the man who poured her coffee and served her burgers and pie. The was the man who fixed her porch, brought her food at the hospital when her father was sick – twice, and helped her search for a lost baby chicken called Stella.

All the while, Luke Danes secretly pined for single mother, Lorelai Gilmore, while she flitted from relationship to relationship, heartbreak to heartbreak. and for seven years, audiences watched and waited for them to get it together and finally find happiness.


“There’s a chemistry there. Over time they really connect… but it took a while to get there.”

As the show, Gilmore Girls, crossed thethreshold from the 90’s to the early 21st century, the pair’s relationship crossed the threshold from customer, diner/owner to friends, and finally after four seasons, a couple. Finally, Lorelai (played by Lauren Graham) found in Luke (Scott Patterson), someone who didn’t trigger her infamous urge to bolt.

“His gruffness brings out her, sort of, flirtatiousness,” Lauren Graham told Entertainment Weekly.  “There’s a chemistry there. Over time they really connect. They need each other as balance; she lightens him up and he roots her a little bit, but it took a while to get there.”

Picture3Their relationship had not blossomed, without many hurdles, some that halted the beginning of their romance. There was a delinquent nephew (Jess – Milo Ventimiglia), his mother (Luke’s flakey sister Liz – Kathleen Wilhoite), who later became the catalyst for their transition from friends to lovers. Plus, there were brief flings with Rachel (Lisa Ann Hadley) and Nicole (Tricia O’Kelley), and the discovery of a daughter (April – Vanessa Marano), which brought more complication as Luke tried in vain to compartmentalize his life.

Add Lorelai’s controlling Mother, Emily (Kelly Bishop) and her revolving romances withMax (Scott Cohen), Jason (Chris Eigeman), Alex (Billy Burke) and high school sweetheart and father of her daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel), Christopher (David Sutcliff) and what appears to be a disaster could only resultin doom for Luke and Lorelai’s relationship.


Still they make it as far as ‘set in stone’ wedding plans for an affair fitfor a Gilmore and a short-lived, tumultuous engagement (Lorelai proposed), that ended with an ultimatum and a rendezvous between Lorelai and Christopher.

“… it really was a fantasy land…”

Picture5Everything appeared to line up for them, with Lorelai’s whirlwind planning of the particulars, that included a rose covered church with an 1850’s carousel, a reception hall, catered with duck sausage rolls, daisies and daisy themed invitations, and the perfect strapless tulle dress with the cream satin sash. Even the date suited their plans – the only day with no clashes, which Lorelai relayed to a gobsmacked Luke.


Naturally, the show’s ending left fans high and dry, despite a reconciliation between the pair, following Lorelai’s glowing character reference for Luke, the end of her impulse marriage to Christopher and karaoke serenade. No dream wedding happened between these characters and for nine years, the show left fans wondering what had become of its ultimate ‘will-they-or-won’t-they’ couple.

News of a revival, of the show, renewed interest in the outcome for Lorelai and Luke and the November 25, 2016 release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, saw the couple not engaged, not married nor with the family they had both dreamed of, but stuck in limbo, in a relationship, as ‘glorified room-mates’ as Emily commented during a therapy session.


Finally, the show ended with the wedding, fans were relieved to see eventuate. The ceremony aired was a far cry from the one planned in season 6, and was nothing like the one they discussed at the end of the final episode of the four-part re-boot, “Fall”, that included flash-mobs, a hot-dog cart, the perfect dress, a suit with a pocket square – a foreign concept for Luke, and Keifer Sutherland on the invite list.  Budget constraints led to an elaborate elopement that left fans divided.

“… dancers, a floral decorated Volkswagen Beetle, maze-like drapery and tall floral hedges, … fairy lights, fancy bowler hats, and an odd-shaped old door with a rustic key…”


After Kirk, the town ‘weirdo’ bursts into the Gilmore house and storms up the stairs to throw up in the upstairs bathroom, screaming, “It’s all ruined!”, audiences learn that he had been in charge of orchestrating the decoration of the town square for the wedding. After another of Lorelai’s impulse decisions, Luke and Lorelai, take Rory and sneak out to elope. Kirk receives the text, “IT’S PERFECT!” from Lorelai.

In a red carpet interview with Access Hollywood reporter, Lauren Graham, was reluctant to reveal too much, ““I think the way it’s handled, for these two, is just perfect.”


Picture10The show ends with a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland type affair, where only a small cluster of the show’s cast was present. While this left some audiences awe-struck, other’s felt unresolved having missed out on the grand affair, alluded to in previous scenes.

“… the way it’s handled, for these two, is just perfect…”

Scott Patterson told People Magazine, “Absolutely, the set was so beautifully constructed, it really was a fantasy land.”

There were dancers, a floral decorated Volkswagen Beetle, maze-like drapery and tall floral hedges, pink and tungsten fairy lights, fancy bowler hats, and an odd-shaped old door with a rustic key. Adding to the magic was a light shower of snow, fitting for a character who infamously reads snow as an omen.


“… Luke was to wear a suit and Lorelai would wear a wedding gown…”

With the pressure removed, they could enjoy their official wedding – the one audiences don’t see without the looming vow exchange or painful memories of their first ‘go-round’.

“… Why wasn’t the Chuppa in the Wedding!?!? …”

Of course the main reason this was the wedding audiences saw was due to budget constraints placed on the production, leaving the husband and wife writing team, Dan, and Amy (Sherman-) Palladino scrambling for a low budget alternative that would still finish the show on a high.

Picture12Still fans lamented for the wedding they never saw, particularly some of the key characters’ absences. Most noted was Emily, April and the chuppah Luke had made for Lorelai and Max’s wedding. “Why wasn’t the chuppah in the wedding!?!?” one fan posted on Twitter.

“… I wanna see the real L&L wedding …” Another drew parallels between Gilmore Girls and Bishops other show, Bunheads and her absences from both show’s weddings.


“I wanna see the rea L&L wedding…” This post summed up many the responses from disgruntled fans. Even the price of Lorelai’s dress came under scrutiny. “That’s all Lorelai Gilmore’s … dress was worth …  ? Y’all …  gonna wind up divorced,” was a fan’s response.  but in many ways their wedding was perfect for them. Luke was a simple character, with reclusive tendencies, who preferred routine, and took a no-fuss approach to life, while Lorelai, who had escaped the high-class world of her childhood, to forge a life for herself, had a quirky taste in home décor, music, movies and fashion, and fiercely protected her independence from that world.





This was a woman who preferred monkey lamps, coffee and Poptarts, over chandeliers, fancy banquets and high tea and a man who likes to keep his empire small. Both were infamous in the original series, for their impulsiveness and for bolting at the last minute. In a show characteristically full of Pop-culture references and zany personalities, a stuffy formal affair, even one with flash-mobs and an open hotdog cart, would not have suited the two at the centre of the occasion.


Very little is revealed about the planned wedding, but it was to take place during the town’s Harvest Festival and include a huge guest list of people from the town, especially Emily Gilmore, inn co-owner, Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) and Luke’s old fishing buddy, Keifer. Luke was to wear a suit and Lorelai would wear a wedding gown.


Instead they are both dressed in black, and in the final scene, Lorelai is sipping wine with Rory on the Gazebo steps, at dawn on the official wedding day, overlooking the town.

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