A Brief History of the Earth 2020 – 2070

Division of Land 2070

It’s been fifty years since the great fall of the United States of America (U.S.A.), and the rise of Australia, the little Island continent South of the Equator, as the New Superpower, matched only by Russia. Australia now encompasses New Zealand, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii.

Russia now encompasses all of Europe, including Great Britain, and as a result the British Monarchy has since dissolved, along with all other strains of Monarchist rule, around the world. China Still has an Economic stronghold. All have their sights set on the colonization of Thailand and the rest of Asia. Individual Federal Governments, as corrupt as ever, are dying out as the world shifts to a new United Global Government (U.G.G.).

This was a United Nations driven, in response to the corruption and subsequent dissent amongst the people. This of course is fifty years after the first term of Donald Trump’s presidency. He was the beginning of end of the U.S.A. for he paved the way for too many rich, not necessarily educated, celebrity types to follow him in that rise to that high a position of power.

Australia and China have already made the shift to this new form of global governance. Reluctant Russia is holding out.

Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and many of the Dominant early 21st Century have since been ‘disproven’ and are now dead. It no longer serves the new world to believe in a higher entity. Loss of faith and a distrust in their corrupt governments has left mid-21st Century people lost, and scrambling, with an unfulfilled need to believe in something other than themselves.

Some now cling to the ancient belief systems that preceded these lost major faiths, are researching indigenous spirituality and readapting or those doctrines, reclaiming their spiritual connections to the Earth and their fellow inhabitants, human or otherwise.

Some with a compulsive need for Worship, turned that focus towards their cats, adapting the Ancient Egyptian beliefs to worshipping their pet.

The rest turned away from any divine essence to the one thing that they knew best, and that was the power of the almighty dollar. They forged forward in the pursuit of Power, fuelled by a thirst for Wealth. One thing has not changed over the past fifty years and that is that Money meant Power. Increasing Wealth was the key to increasing their control over the world around them for their own gain. They control a lot of the factions within their country that feed into global agenda of the U.G.G.

Homelessness is at an all-time high at 40% and although U.G.G. has criminalised begging, it is still writhe. Many Charities that haven’t already gone belly up are under resourced and struggle due to over-demand. Many of those are government owned and strictly controlled and thus have limited the supply of basic services.

With much of the Earth’s natural Resources depleted, a greater need for population control has arisen. It no longer serves U.G.G.’s agenda to carry the poor. As a result, many of the poorest humans in the world have been ferried in to prison camps, where they line overcrowded cells, detained, controlled, farmed out as human slaves (if they’re lucky) and conditioned to their poor, subhuman station in life. There is no hope of upward mobility and rarely will these people ever make it out.

With no access to nature, many have lost their spiritual connection to the Earth.