Pencil Chase

Dear Reflection

A stitch in time,
For every stitch undone
Cry into the mirror
See what I’ve become
Every word, a bruise.
Every act, an unpicked scar.
Look at how you are.
Oh, dear reflection,
Quick to take all the blame,
Feeling, you’re never enough,
Building your strongest walls,
You block out the love.
They set you alight,
They doused you in shame,
Embers everywhere, still,
Since they put out your flame.
Still taking all the blame,
Feeling, you’re never enough,
Building the strongest walls,
You block out the love.
You tell the world
It no longer matters,
But you know deep inside,
You’re still just shattered.
Oh, dear reflection ,
Look me in the eye.
Your mask, so transparent,
I see through your lies.
Still, you take all the blame,
Haven’t they hurt you enough?
Imprisoned by your own walls,
Cut off from love.
The dust has settled.
Everyone has scattered.
All that’s left of you,
Is a heart in tatters.
You bottle it up, ‘cos
You think you can contain it,
When the real truth is,
It hurts too much to explain it.
Still, you take all the blame,
Haven’t they hurt you enough?
Imprisoned by your own walls,
Cut off from love.
It’s just another reminder,
A feeling you know well.
Add this to the heap,
Another story to tell.
Oh, dear reflection
Acknowledge all this pain.
Face up to the bullies
May they no longer sully your name.
Stop taking all the blame.
Haven’t you hurt enough?
Knock down your walls.
Let in some love.
Stand up for yourself,
If no one else is gonna
Celebrate yourself,.
Allow yourself that honour.
You deserve this now
Just as much as ever.
You were always worthy
Even if you got it never.
Give them back the blame,
You’ve carried long enough.
Knock down all your walls.
Let in the love.
Oh, dear reflection,
Can you see your strength?
Break the chain. Love, unfaltering
Despite your broken links.
A stitch in time
For every stitch undone.
Scrub the tears off the mirror.
See the beauty I’ve become.
I give back all the blame
I’ve carried long enough.
Knocking down all my walls
Now bring in the love.

Mr Smith

I wanna take you back to 1997
Back to Mr Smith’s class in year 11.
Afraid I was to even speak my name
And Mr Smith had me questioning my brain.My self esteem was already dead.
My love for language, hanging by a thread,
And there I was looking through some stale poetry
For something to relate to in this ancient anthology.

Amid the pages of prehistoric rhyme,
There it was, I was surprised to even find.
I felt a rush, a small glimmer of hope.
From page to heart John Lennon spoke.

“Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try
No hell below us. Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you”

And when the day came for class presentations
I stood before them with no hesitation.
A spark of confidence ignited within.
My voice was a caged bird I let out to sing.

“Imagine no possessions. It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too. 
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you”

You could hear a pin drop as they hung on every note,
And back to my desk I didn’t walk but float.
For the rest of the lesson I was on cloud nine
That that my grades were saved and everything would be fine.

But Mr Smith, grey hair and eyes wild
Was so impressed he didn’t even crack a smile
Without a word he handed me the paper
And I could see his opinion was obviously dated.

“The task you never even completed.
My bubble was burst and my confidence depleted.
Tears of frustration burst from inside
As I pointed to that C and I asked him why?

“Song lyrics are not poetry.” I said, “take a look!
The words of John Lennon, right here in this book!”
I learned the words! I performed the song!”
“Song lyrics are not poetry, that book is wrong!”

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one”

But Mr Smith, he would never be swayed
And his opinion determined my grade,
And there it was the final nail on the coffin.
He killed the passion, I felt I was nothin’.

Psycho Switch

 Cool guys!
Actin’ entitled, like it’s your actual right
To attack! To push nice guys aside!
Who died!
And crowned ya the alpha! Mouth from the south
Ya fool guys!
Bignatin’ clowns! Hatin’ fakin’ half baked,
Ya takin’ power from Alfalfas. Ya cowards!
Enough guys!
Bullies, look out for that switch, fully runnin’ outta luck guys!
But guys!
You think it’s funny to hit it, to flick it!
Slick guys! Quick guys!
Tough guys!
Better run for your life guys!
‘Fore ya unleash the creature,
Release the psycho inside!

Energy Thief


Don’t Let Nobody

Arrive Dieci

The cold winter wind whisked you away.

Away from this. Away from the pain.

With a smile on your lips and a tear in your eye

Apon the wings of a butterfly.

It lifted you up and helped you to fly.

Arrive dieci, be free

Arrive dieci, be free

Sometimes I wish that you were still here,

To share a laugh and lend me an ear.

I wish I could have just one last time,

To see you again for one last goodbye.

But it’s time to let you go so you can fly.

Arrive dieci, be free

Arrive dieci, be free

Years have passed since you’ve been gone.

I can’t believe it’s been so long.

Goodbye’s the hardest word to say.

But it gets easier with each passing day.

Your memory I’ll hold deep inside of me.

Arrive dieci, be free

Arrive dieci, be free

Your memory I’ll hold deep inside of me.

Arrive dieci, be free.


Running Scared

Life was never simple.
She was always running scared.
Afraid to speak.
Afraid to cry.
Afraid to draw attention.
She’d cower and wait for the ‘storm’ to pass.
“Speak only when you’re spoken to,
But not too loud.”
“I say jump you don’t ask ‘how high’,
You just jump,
But not too high.
Now her suit of amour
Is strong like iron,
Yet soft like a cushion,
She’ll bounce like rubber
Should you knock her down.
Now she is no longer running scared.
No longer afraid to shine.
Now she is protected,
She is free.

Mutant Mozzies

Itching and scratching
Madly cursing and smacking
Think I am losing my mind!
Why am I the first one they find?
Tiny bloodsuckers are relentless.
I’m exposed and defenceless.
Swarms of them surround me,
Mutant mozzies buzz around me.
Dragon-like in their size,
Don’t venture out, it is unwise.
Why was I not warned?
Now a scratching, itching casualty of the swarm!
Clothes do not stop them,
Too many to swat them
And though it is too hopeless I still try.
Die little bloodsuckers die!

Dear Shell

Dear shell,
Can you hear me call,
From deep within?
I know my voice is small.
Dear shell,
Why are you so warm?
You’re keeping me safe,
But lately I am bored.
Dear shell
Why is it so cramped?
There’s no room to move.
It’s more than I can stand!
Dear shell
The suffocation is real
I can hardly breathe.
Do you know how this feels?
Dear shell
Let me out of here!
There’s a world to explore,
I no longer want to fear.
Dear shell
Your pieces are scattered.
I’m lost and exposed
My haven shattered.

Close the Chapter

Close the chapter
But not the book.
To find yourself
You need to look.
A new beginning,
A chance to heal.
Defrost yourself
Relearn to feel.
Let go of the past,
But not to forget.
Out with the old
With no regrets.
Keep the lessons,
But cut the threads.
Reset yourself,
Put the past to bed.
Forgive old hurts,
You’re off the hook.
Close the chapter,
But not the book.


I used to be just like you.
I laughed…
I smiled…
I cried…
I loved…
I fell apart…
I rebuilt myself somehow…
And I did it all again…
Then one night changed it all.
I cannot begin to tell you how it feels.
You can never fully understand it.
In an instant you go from having it all,
To losing it all.
I lost everything that was once me.
Where there was once a smile…
Just lips.
Where there was once laughter…
Deafening silence.
Where there was once tears…
A frosty trail of mascara on a cold cheek.
The very glimmer of happiness,
Of hope,
Of anything that might resemble love…
All gone.
You go on with life,
As you do everyday…
You smile…
You laugh…
You cry…
You love…
You fall apart…
You rebuild…
You do it all again…
Until the day you just can’t.
Then you too,
Will become like me
And once again you will see me
And what I’ve become,
Because you will be there too.
You could be next…
Or you…
Or even you…
And you won’t even know…
He has you fooled.
I didn’t know back then
Quite what he took away from me.
I didn’t know that loving him
Would lead to this
And he did it all
With a smile on his face.
And then he walked away…
Left me there…

Girl in Photographs

Shes the girl that always looks out of place.
In photographs she stands where she can be cropped out.
You can pretend she was never there.
Sometimes shes the one  You don’t notice is missing,
That your forgot was even there.
And its like its meant to be that way.
Does she even exist?
When she can, she tries to hide .
She wants to disappear.
She is not a part of your world.
She feels out of place in hers.
She hides her eyes
And pastes  on a smile
While she crumbles inside.
This is the girl she won’t let you see.
When i look at her i recognise her face.
That girl is me.

Donald Trump

Happy birthday Trump,
I’d like to dump
A shitcake on your dead cat head
and watch you eat it with a spoon.
Then may you blow out the candles
and they blast you to the moon.
May you orbit in space
Where we don’t have to see your face
And may the human race be spared
Of the silly old git with the dead cat hair.

Robin Williams

Tribute to Robin Williams
Immortalised but not immortal,
You disappeared through a one-way portal.
You lost control, gave in to that voice
It led you to believe there was only one choice.
Was it exhaustion, a sense of defeat?
Was it the fear of never reaching your peak?
A born comedian, you made the world laugh.
Did you grow too tired to put on your mask?
Weighed down by a troubled mind,
With no goodbye you left this world behind.
Your soul is free, but your spirit lives on,
Captured in film, you are not gone.
The world will remember a line or two 

The words of writers, powerfully ring true,
You didn’t just deliver, you truly inspired,
As Pan, as Jack and as Mork and As Mrs Doubtfire
Challenging ideals of humanity in Bicentenniel Man,
You encouraged the world to think and understand.
You live on for eternity in works of Art, 

Genie, you’re free, but forever in our hearts.




This is Not My War

I know it’s not goodbye.

So why these tears I cry?
It’s not like I won’t see you again.
I guess I’ll miss my friend.
I know it’s time to let you go.
It’s what you need to grow.
I know that I’ve been holding you too tight.
It’s time to do what’s right.
Cos I can’t hold you back no more
It’s not good for my soul.
And I can’t help you fight your raging war.
Like I tried before.
This is not my war.
This time this battle’s yours.
And I ain’t keeping score
Cos this is not my war.
This is not my war.
I know it’s time to start anew.
But I’m still here for you.
And even though it’s tearing me apart
I’ll love you from afar.
Cos I can’t hold you back no more
It’s not good for my soul.
And I can’t help you fight your raging war.
Like I tried before.
This is not my war.
This time this battle’s yours.
And I ain’t keeping score
Cos this is not my war.
This is not my war.

Untitled Poems


Blanket tucks me in snug and tight,
Protects me from the cold night
A pillow for me to rest my head
I hope sleep greets me in bed.

My companion is right there.
I can can see his shaggy hair
From his ears right to his paws.
His chest rises and collapses with a snore.
He growls sometimes. His paws twitch.
What’s he chasing. Is he scratching an itch?
I listen and I watch him awhile.
He dreams on, while I smile.
I hope I too succumb soon to slumber
I bury myself deeper, under,
Come, Sandman I am waiting.
Your visit, I am anticipating.
On the other side is morrow.
May it be good and not sorrow,
That it will dawn a warm day,
That all is bright, well or just okay.


My nose is numb.
Is it still there.
My warm breath
Cuts through frozen air.
Another cold night
City winds down.
The journey home
Begins in town
Streets lit up
Red orange green
Grinding to a halt
Is Man the machine.
Returning home
To the warmth of fire
Some will burn on
Only to drop when tired.
Sleep will find them
While others lie awake
Bed is their sanctuary
Refuel. Tomorrow’s another day.


How to I un-know what I know?
How to I un-want what the heart wants?
How do I un-feel what I shouldn’t feel?
How do I un-love what I cannot love?


I want to pop you like candy
I want to pop you by the hundred
I want to feel your bliss
I want to turn from the light
I want to escape into the night
I want to feel numb
I want to feel oblivious
I want to feel nothing
I want to cocoon myself
I want to lock myself away
I want to be smothered by your blanket
I want to hide in your darkness
I want to bury myself deep
I want to feel your calm
I want to succumb to the slumber
I want to slip inside
I want to disappear
I want to be anyone else but me
I want to be somewhere else
I want to be anywhere else but here
I want to stay forever
World War Three

Here I am
Standing in the middle
Of world war three
Hurts more than a little
I’m the biggest fool
I ever knew.
Stuck in my own truth
Only to myself I lied.
I feel I’m on the outside
Of myself looking in.
Taking all the blame,
Living with all the shame.
Love was the river
I could not cross
Got caught in the current
My heart smashed on the rock
Down I keep falling
When I try to stand
I am not strong
Just human I am
I did not conquer
But I came, I saw
Now I’m stuck in this battlefield
Of an unwanted war
I am not a soldier
I am not a queen
Just a being with a human soul.
I am broken and I bleed.
I never meant to lose control.
To love again, I’m afraid
To feel this much pain
War not on my agenda
For this price I paid
Raise the white flag, I surrender
Nothing gained.
I walk away.

Shower Time
Soap slips. Water drips.
Clunk! Splish!
Feet wet, don’t trip.
Flick my hair.
Water! Everywhere!
Don’t despair.
Squeak! Hiss!
Shower time is bliss.
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty sat on the edge
Philosophised and scratched his head,
What came first the egg or the chicken?
He saw his mother in the henhouse, pickin’.
He thought the answer to the question, concrete.
Then from within his shell he heard, cheep cheep!
He felt his shell begin to crack.
Little feet kicked through his back.
Quietly he listened to hear the same,
Little cheep cheep sound again.
Something was changing within his shell.
What he thought he knew so well
Suddenly made no sense at all
To the confused egg sitting on the wall.
All he thought was clearly not.
Was Humpty Dumpty losing the plot?
Humpty shook and Humpty shivered.
With every crack, Humpty quivered,
Until he was in shards at the bottom of the wall,
Completely shaken by the fall.
Then when he pulled himself together,
Humpty was no egg but a ball of feathers.
The golden crane
Flies with his wings spread
On a wind that cries his name.
One goal in his life
On his journey to fulfil.
He won’t give up this time.
So long gone
He fears he shall not return,
But he keeps pushing on.
His love awaits,
Hopeful he will make it,
But it is already too late.
Small cries from the nest,
He hears, as he approaches.
Their babies emerge from their eggs.
The wind carries him
Towards home, his new family
Waiting to welcome him in.
Happy just to be with him,
She knows he tried his best
His tardiness forgiven.
The Struggle
Head throbs
My eyes are stinging
Ambient noise
My Ears are ringing
Ambient thoughts
My brain is frying
By the minute
Each cell is dying
Severely lacks
Time to factor in
A nap.
Midnight Snack
Car keys jingle as you thunder down the stairs.
Phone beeps to let you know you have a text.
Which boy is it tonight?
I listen for the rattle of the door handle,
As you open it and walk through it.
But you don’t this time.
I hear you open the fridge instead.
Slam the door shut, with a bang loud enough
To wake the dead with a fright.
Oil sizzles in the pan you prep the sausages
You put out the day before to thaw.
In my bed I try with all my might
To block out the sounds of Leno as the TV goes on
I guess you wanted everyone at home to know
You’re having your midnight snack at home tonight.
4 A.M.
The second hand and my thoughts tick.
I stare at the shadows in the night.
I study their shapes in the darkness,
They are still,
The second hand is not.
It ticks on.
My thoughts speed up
A moving shadow intercepts the calm,
Its owner scurries across the floor.
All time and thought stops
For a brief second
My heart skips a beat
In the same instant
The furry creature is gone
He takes refuge
Where only the shadows can reside
The light and I dare not intrude.
The creature in the shadows wins…
This time.


Fat Bum

There was a fat bum
Who drank lots of rum.
The silly fool
Fell off his stool
And went crying home to his mum.

The Cat’s Hat
The dog said to the cat
May I borrow your hat?
The cat said no.
The dog turned to go
And tripped on the edge of the mat.
A little old lady called Shiloh
Went shopping at Bi-Lo.
She let out a gasp
And fell on her ass,
When she found out the price of Milo.

She Used To Be A Showgirl

 She used to be a showgirl
She used to entertain.
She came alive in the footlights
Right at home on the stage.

How she dazzled!
How she shone!
She lived for the music
Her gift to the world was song.

But those days are long gone
But still she got swept away
Kept alive by a memory
She held on to her younger days.

Old age and family reigned her in
Still with mic in frail hand
And as always a commanding presence
She found her place again.

With killer heels and nails
Dressed up to the nines
She took to the stage
And took us back in time.

We would hear her beautiful song
Feel uplifted and inspired
I wonder if she knew
How much she was admired.

But then came the time
For her final curtain call
A face lay in peaceful slumber
I didn’t recognise at all.

She used to be a showgirl
A secret life known to a few
All her life she wore mask
And her family never knew.

Karaoke Star

Growing Up In Rhyme 

A Better Place 

Escape your pain
To a better place,
Where the sky is blue
And the sun shines bright.
Where any cloud
That might appear
Is soft like cotton balls,
And oh, so light.
The grass is green,
The trees also.
And the birds fly gracefully,
And sing their sweetest song.
Escape to a place,
Where there’s endless peace,
And every face carries a smile,
For nothing ever goes wrong.
Don’t worry about us.
We’ll be alright.
Go, without a care
For we’ll all be there,

Barely Seventeen
She was barely seventeen.
Her life just fell apart.
She was barely seventeen
And you took away her heart.
She was barely seventeen
And already gone insane.
She was barely seventeen.
She couldn’t deal with the pain.
She was barely seventeen
With no one to lean on.
She was barely seventeen
When she picked up that knife.
She was barely seventeen
When she ended her life.
The name’s Bill
And I’m a dill,
So they keep telling me.
They think I’m 2
But I’m really 22,
But who cares.
I’m just the best, I think.
‘Cept when I’m drunk
An’ hurlin’ in the sink,
But anyway,
A week ago I got me’ self a car.
‘Twas a real beauty,
But it didn’t go too far,
‘Fore it hit the nearest tree,
But I’m okay, I didn’t get hurt.
I only got a bit o’ blood on me’ shirt.
As for the car… I’ll get another one.
Losing You
You’ve never seen me cry.
You’ve never seen me blue.
You’ll never know the pain I feel
Just knowing I’m losing you.
I’m dreading every second
That we must spend apart
And I’m always gonna miss you
With every beat of my heart.
Each waking moment’s spent wishing
You didn’t have to go.
I feel like our friendship’s
Just beginning to grow.
It’s hard for me just knowing
There’s no way you can stay
I cling to hope that I’ll see you
Another time, another day.
The Sparrow

I sit here now
And gaze in wonder
At a sparrow flying past.
She lands on my shoulder
To rest her pretty wings.
How long will this moment last?
Softly I stroke her back,
Careful not to hurt her,
Or frighten her away.
Then gently I pick her up
And rest her in my palm,
Hoping she might stay.
As I stroke her again
She looks up at me,
Her small heart beating with fear.
I love this little sparrow.
I’m scared of letting go
Of something so dear,
But if I hold on too tight,
She’ll try to break away
And leave tears in my eyes.
So I’ll just let her go.
I’ll get over my loss.
As she stretches out her wings
And takes to the sky,
I think, I mustn’t cry.


One hundred years ago
In a land far from home
The sand beneath their feet
As they marched up the beach.
Men seeking adventures
To reside in the trenches
On the map it said Gallipoli
But as far as the eye could see
Hell on earth would await
Beyond the trenches was their fate.
Thousands bled and thousands died
Of our men and the other side.
They were proud and they were brave
The truest of heroes were made.
The boldest of the bold,
They shall grow not old
Their spirit burns embers
Still flicker as we remember.
The ANZACS fought for us
So honour them, we must.
For the fallen and the broken
For a minute not a word spoken
And from our hearts to our lips
In the early morning mist
Sing the anthems and say The Ode
To the ANZACS, so much we owe
The Union Jack stands high with pride
With the Southern Cross by it’s side.
Just as they did where the poppies now grow
One hundred years ago.

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