Bunny and the Beast

“Bring forth the bunny!”

It was his smile that irked me more than what his voice bellowed.  With hungry eyes, like a wolf salivating over his next meal he devoured the pearly white satin corset that covered curvaceous form.

Immediately, I regretted my choice of costume.

My black stockinged legs felt like lead, as I stumbled forward and my left silver stiletto heel snagged the edge of a tile, but two sets of hands gripped my arms, breaking my fall. Two burly men dressed in leather, hauled me roughly the rest of the way to where that black-caped figure, stood with his gold capped teeth bared, sharp like needles.

Suddenly, it wasn’t my corset, that was constricting my breathing, but fear for my life.

One of the men, let go of my arm. “We have found you a fine specimen,” he sneered, slapping my ass, just missing the white pom-pom tail. His hand lingered. I flinched as he squeezed my butt, and my cheek clenched. I bit my lip to stifle a scream.

“Indeed! Though a little plump, I must commend you on your find,” the caped man agreed. Up close, Strands of white were visible in his slicked-back hair and tiny whiskers on his pointed chin. Red eyes matched the collar of his open cape, stark black against a ghostly pale chest.

“You must be the groom,” I croaked, finally finding my voice.

“You could say that,” he replied. He waved his arm, dismissively and the other man dropped my arm. “Be gone!” he commanded, and the two men immediately left, not without each giving my ass another squeeze. My blood ran cold, in the realisation, I was alone with the mysterious caped man.

He licked his lips. “And tonight, you are my bride.”

“Ok?” My eyes darted around the room, in a desperate attempt to avoid looking at him. Dancing flickering flames lit the room, with but I could make out the bed behind him, surrounded by red candles on black wire stands.

Scarlet rose petals scattered all over the bed, awaited them, barely visible against the thick, black blanket.

I closed my eyes, hoping I would open them to find the nightmare over, but when I did, all I saw was him, directly in front of me, blocking my view of the bed and the candles. Their light behind him made him glow a little, but still he was no less terrifying.

I recoiled at first at the touch of his hand reaching out to cup my chin. Amid the fear and dread something else woke in me. I shuddered with this unexpected new feeling. He tilted my head up, so I was looking directly into his eyes. Then he traced his finger down my bare neck. My chest was heaving. Down my arm he continued to trace, until he found my wrist and clutched it tight.

He raked his other hand through my long hair, and I burned like dry ice all over. I tried to look away, but, he gripped a clump of black at the base of my neck and yanked, forcing my head back into place. My white bunny-ears slipped from my head to the floor.

Before I knew it, his lips were on my lips, biting until my lower lip was red raw. He drank in my shaky breath. “Relax,” he whispered, between kisses, using his tongue to force my mouth open. He plunged it in deep.

I gagged.

I tasted stale cigarettes and scotch on his breath. I thought, for sure I’d be sick.

“Kiss me!” he demanded. But my mouth had gone limp, paralysed. Then as forceful as his tongue had entered my mouth, it retracted and he dragged his tongue up my jaw, trailing saliva that set me skin crawling.  He circled my earlobe and flicked it. His heavy breath, amplified in my ear, was like the panting of a thirsty dog, and only intensified when licks turned to nibbles.

“Is this okay?” he whispered.

He didn’t wait for my answer. Both my body and mind screamed.

Stepping backwards, he began to manoeuvre us towards the bed. Resistance was no longer an option.

He tugged at my arm, forcibly, until I fell onto the bed with him where he pulled me close, wrapping his arms around me like a boa constrictor.

“Cut!” Someone yelled. I sighed with relief.

“That’s a wrap!” the director called. Everyone in the room cheered, but no one as loudly and with more elation than me.