Fan Fiction

28 stories for Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Dirty Dancing, Baby Sitters Club, My Girl, Thomas the Tank Engine, Peter Pan, Home & Away, and Never Been Kissed.

So many ideas I just can’t keep up. I promise I will get through them all as inspiration arises.

Disclaimer: I don’t profess to own any characters I borrow from such books, films and T.V Shows I write about. All I own are the scenarios I put them in and the original characters I throw into the mix.

I a write under the pen name Golden Snitch1981 and I am interested in Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls, but I like dabbling in other things as well. I consider myself to be a creative writer and possibly a good one. I enjoy it – it’s my passion.


Story Completed:

One Last Chance – A My Girl Fanfic. What would you do if you had one last chance to say goodbye? Would you say the things you never got to? Join Vada as she finds out what she would do if she had One Last Chance to say Goodbye to Thomas J.

Harry Potter and the Quest to Save his Parents – A Harry Potter Fanfic. Can turning back the hands of time to save the ones you love really be as simple as it seems? Follow Harry through the twists and turns of time as he tries to save his parents from dying that fateful night.

She’s Like The WindThis is an alternate turn of events. I’m trying to stick to the canon with this but I want to explore what would happen when Baby leaves with Johnny after he is fired from Kellermans. Rated M for some smut scenes.

What Becomes of Loneliness

The Harry Potter saga that began with the Gryffindor Three.

Forbidden Love – Babysitters club. HE was a public school kid. She was a private school girl. He was athletic and funny. She was smart and talented. Yet the were drawn to eachother. The only problem was his Mom married her Dad. Follow the forbidden romance of David Michael and Karen.

New Stories:

What’s Left of Loneliness

The Sequel to What Becomes of Loneliness, The Harry Potter saga that began with the Gryffindor Three. Tess’ Seventennth Birthday passes, but all is not as expected. Harry Potter is dead and Regulus is sentenced to Azkaban, far from the Happy ending they anticipated with Tess’ coming of age. Bella is all that is left.

Peter Pan and Wendy The Love Story

17 year old Wendy is set the marry the Prince of Wales, against her wishes. Can Peter save her from making the biggest mistake of her life? Rewritten, with adult content and themes.

Kristy’s Project

Kristy’s Dad walked out on her Mom. Now Kristy needs a Dad just as much as Mary-Anne needs a Mom. Can they get Richard and Elizabeth to notice each other? Can they get the pair to fall in love?

Summers Gift

Sequel to She’s Like The Wind. Johnny thought he was over Baby, but then a parcel arrives on his doorstep, not only taking him back to a painful past, but changing his life forever.

Who Shot Taylor Doose?

As Town Selectman, he has upset many of the towns people in various ways, but which one is capable of shooting Taylor Doose?

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