About Sheree Pratt

Creative Writer; Artist; Face-painter; Singer / Songwriter; Photography Enthusiast; Pre-service Teacher

Much of Sheree Pratt’s creative writing is poetry, short stories, fanfiction, speecheswise quotes and scriptwriting. You can hear her readings and performances at Write Stuff.

Sheree is also a songwriter, singer and performer, often spotted busking in Bendigo or at Musicman’s Weekly Open Mic nights or at the Ernie Johns & Avalanche Road Show.

Sheree is not just a writer, she is a creator and since early childhood, growing up in Ipswich, has created works across different mediums, whether it’s drawing and painting, face-painting, design, film-making, photography or music.

A strong academic background in Contemporary Studies, Applied Media, Art and Design, and Writing influences much of her world view, and her many creative ideas and processes. Sheree is currently completing a Masters of Teaching in hopes to inspire the next generation to find their creative spark.

A passion for Sheree, creativity is a source of enjoyment and somewhat a journey. Her motto to live by is:

The Journey is the Destination

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